Share where you will be and never miss a friend again

WAMP connects people in real life

Social networks were intended to connect people. But spending hours on your smartphone isn't quite social is it? We at WAMP want you to look up from your phone so you can enjoy life without checking your newsfeed every hour.

How it works?

We have a simple mission: Connecting people in real life. By sharing the right information - when, where and who - you'll have anything you need to meet up.

- Tom Lesmana



Reading posts and tweets in real time is simply to late to be part of the fun. This is why WAMP is all about the future so you still have a chance to be part of the action.


Weather you are travelling or staying in your hometown, with us you'll always know who will be around you.


Engage with your already existing network. They might not all be your best friends but wouldn't you rather know that an old classmate will be in London next week while you're on a business trip?

Take a peak into the future

The first ingredient to meet people is to know when to search. Will you be in another city soon for business or pleasure? With our smart time filter you can take a look into any destination, country or city, to see if any of your friends will be around.

To see who lives in other cities is easy. WAMP can tell you when friends will be in town and how long they'll stay.

This weekend? Next month? You got it! Apply your time filter for up to 90 days.

Location, city or country?

The second ingredient to bring people together in person is to match the correct destination. At WAMP we distinguish between locations, cities and countries.

Do you want to share that you'll be in a location i.e. a bar? We will ask you instantly when your shananigan will happen and in 2 steps your part is done.

Tired of zooming in and out of maps? Simply choose a city or a country and WAMP brings you instantly to your destination of choice. Now it's up to you to either find your friends or to share your travel plans.

With us you can't miss your people

The final ingredient is to match people's future destinations. We notify you automatically when people come into your city OR if a friend will be in the same destination as you will be within the next 90 days.

Are you ready to share your future?

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